2 Men and The Mouse Episode 60: Love It, Leave It, Lose It!

This week's 2 Men and The Mouse is re-energized and ready to report on all the latest and greatest Walt Disney World News. Kevin and Pete are reporting on Star Wars Weekends, The Diamond Horseshoe, the Tomorrowland movie preview and so much more! Then, in our E-Ticket attraction of the week, Kevin and Pete are adapting the popular "Rip it, Roll it, Punch it" segment from Disney Podcast Mad Hatter Chatter (with permission!) where they will compare three Disney attractions and decide which one is perfect as is, which one needs a little work, and which one is their least favorite of the bunch. All this, plus information on how you can start your own podcast on the White Dragon Podcast Network on this week's episode of 2 Men and The Mouse!


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