2 Men and The Mouse Episode 53: Sonny Eclipse Voice Kal David In Studio

It's a big one, folks! The first ever celebrity guest of 2 Men and The Mouse! And who better than Kevin and Pete's obsession, SONNY ECLIPSE, or rather the voice of Sonny Eclipse, musician, singer, and songwriter Kal David. Kal regales Kevin and Pete with tales from a long storied career in the music industry, including stories about John Lennon, Etta James, The Almond Brothers, as well as going in Depth on the Disney magic it took to bring to life the Brightest Little Star in the Galaxy, all the way from Yew Nork City on the Planet Zork, the one, the only SONNY ECLIPSE. Check Kal out on his Web site www.kaldavid.com

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Hiya folks, you’re listening to 2 Men and the Mouse Episode 54 on the White Dragon Podcast Network, recorded live at Rogue Comics in Cranford NJ on February 23, 2015! This is your every day guide to the magic of Walt Disney World, and the larger Disney universe beyond it. My name is Kevin Kessler and I am joined as always by my good buddy Peter Mandle. We are two lifelong Disney fanatics who have managed to keep the magic of Disney alive in our lives every day, and we want to share that magic with you! So pull up a chair, gather the family, or pop in your favorite set of headphones, and let’s experience the magic together!

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Bob Chapek named new Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

WDW Increased Ticket Prices Effective Yesterday

My Magic+ Rolling Out Direct to Room Service


Topiaries and Outdoor Kitchens Being Installed for Flower and Garden


Dishes Revealed for Flower and Garden Outdoor Kitchens


Flame Tree BBQ Refurbishment Extended into Late April


Star Wars Weekend News

-          Symphony in the Stars’ Fireworks will return – Summon the Force Pre-Show with Characters

-          James Arnold Taylor will host each weekend

-          Darth’s Mall located in new spot on Streets of America at the Final Take Terminal

-          Celebrity Shows moving from Premiere Theater to Theater of the Stars – Home of Beauty and the Beast on Sunset Blvd. (BB will still be performed in the mornings) No a/c

-          No word on guests yet

E-Ticket Attraction

Check out the Web Site for Kal David, Voice of Sonny Eclipse over at: www.kaldavid.com There you can find information on his upcoming tour, his album, and you can also find audio clips and videos. 

Link Kal David Song of My Life Full Show

This is the best Sonny Eclipse Video I've found online. Professionally shot and dubbed over with CD Quality Sound!