Geek WatchTower Episode 13: COUNTDOWN TO ULTRON Iron Man 3

Geek WatchTower is back, with COUNTDOWN TO ULTRON Part 2! Before diving into the MCU, Kevin, Chris, and Allie are counting down all of the latest and greatest geek news of the week. Trailers for Star Wars Force Awakens, Batman vs Superman, Fantastic 4, and Star Wars Rebels Season 2 are reviewed! Also, news regarding The Avengers, X-Men, Mallrats 2 and so much more! Then, our triumphant trio takes a look at a film they REALLY don't like, that being Iron Man 3. Where does it go wrong? Where does it go right? Why does Kevin keep talking about Daredevil? All these questions, and so many more are answered on this week's episode of The Geek WatchTower!



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