WDPN One Year Later

By Kevin J. Kessler

This won't be a long one, folks. This is just me wanting to reflect a bit on one solid year of the ultimate labor of love ever undertaken in my life. One year and one day ago, the White Dragon Podcast Network was born, and as I sit here tonight, I'm overwhelmed at how this simple idea has grown thanks to the support of the wonderful amazing folks who listen to WDPN shows each and every week.

I'm a big believer in following your dreams (unless you dream is to wear the flesh of infants or something equally horrifying). I've tried to follow every dream I've ever had. I've been on television, in a feature film, and in the pro wrestling ring, but when I discovered the medium of podcasting, I knew a passion was instantly born in my heart. 

I think that throughout my life, my passions often revolved around portraying a character in fiction. Podcasting represented a medium where I could share my own personality and thoughts with people, and most fulfilling was the opportunity it presented me to get to know myself a little better. I no longer imagined myself as a pro wrestling character, or playing the lead role in Jekyll and Hyde, I just saw me; a late 20's child of the 90's with a geeky sense of humor and a big mouth. And for the first time ever, I started to like that person!

When WDPN launched on February 3, 2014 we released 3 shows, none of which still exist today. I tend to dream big and immediately bit off far more than I could chew. When those shows proved too difficult to produce on a consistent basis, I turned to another passion in the world of Disney, and one of the most interesting people I've ever known in Peter Mandle, and a match made in heaven was born. 

Instantly, 2 Men and The Mouse felt different from any other show I had done up to that point. It felt genuine and real and passionate and above all else FUN! 51 weeks later we haven't missed a single week, and I am beyond proud of that. I think what fueled our combined passion was the amount of support we received from the Disney community. You guys opened your arms and accepted two geeky Jersey boys into your ear buds every single Tuesday and changed my life forever. 

After 2 Men debuted, I considered folding the network, and just continuing with that one show, as it was well received and fun. However my passion for creating a network was further fueled when I reconnected with two former co-workers who have become two of my very best friends, BatDave and Spider-Denny, who dubbed me Kev-El, and suddenly BatSquad Radio was born into my life. BSR makes me laugh every time I hear it. I look forward to it constantly, and it reinvigorated my desire to expand this network. 

The network has also afforded me the opportunity to discover hidden talents in those closest to me. Who knew my amazing beautiful wife was such a natural on the air?!? Hearing Jackie develop as an on air personality, turning from a girl with extreme stage fright to the confident strong broadcaster she's become has filled me with so much pride. To share something you love with the one person in the world you truly love is a gift, and I wish everyone could experience that.

To anyone who enjoys or has ever listened to WDPN on any level, I want to send a strong heartfelt thank you, your way! You've given me much more happiness then I can ever repay, and I have so much more to put out there in the coming year! The addition of this Web site is a true boon to the cause, and coming in the next few weeks will be the return of Geek WatchTower and Boss Fight, and the debut of Walker Talkers, Once Upod a Time and Mousellaneous DIScussions!

Thank you all, from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you so much!

New game starts right now! Year 2 is going to be even bigger!