The Booth Window - Mad Max Review


By Chris Pribilski

I’ve been a movie theatre manager for a while now, and one of the perks is the early screenings.  Studios don’t do it for all features, but for most they’ll offer an early screening of a movie for booking agents to attend.  The process has gone through many changes over the years, but I still get the invites, and I’ve never had to sign a disclosure agreement, so let me tell you what I thought without spoiling anything!

Screening time!  Watching Mad Max: Fury Road!

**Any plot points that I allude to or flat out tell you can be gotten from the previous Mad Max movies, shorts, and the various trailers.  NO SPOILERS!!**

Back in the 80s TV was VERY different than it is now.  Our neighborhood was one of the last to get cable, so we were limited to three or four channels; more if we could ornately attach enough metal to the TV antenna.  Our TV remote was the youngest sibling, and that old tube TV also functioned as a space heater. 

Our grandfather’s neighborhood was the first to get cable, so we saw all kinds of new television there that we couldn’t get at home.  While we got our share of the USA Cartoon Express and Fraggle Rock, Grandpa preferred the dusty westerns of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. It was in those days that I had last seen a Mad Max movie.  I had memories of a post-apocalyptic world full of shoulder pads, Mohawks, and car chases.  I had NO idea what I was watching, but it was filled with fast-paced action and some mean, mean people.  The fact that I still remembered iconic scenes and characters from the franchise says something about the successful storytelling of George Miller, the writer, director, and producer of those movies. 

When I heard about this screening I was pretty excited.  This was the type of movie that needed to be rebooted!  Think of how cool the visuals could be with new computer and practical effect techniques!  We’re going back to an “R” rating, not the PG13 that “Beyond Thunderdome” was?  On top of that George Miller is at the helm?  SHWEET!  

I’m happy to say that this film will not disappoint.  This was the first time I’ve been to a screening that played a disclaimer at the front of it, so technically I’m not allowed to discuss the movie.  

They’re even waiting until Thursday, May 14th to have the world premiere.  That’s only hours before theatres are permitted to start early screenings, the official release being the following day.  You’ll notice there are no official reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  Warner Bros. is also very quiet about potential sequels, but according to an Esquire interview last March, Hardy is attached to do three more Mad Max films.  Still, as is with all franchises, subsequent Mad Max films will depend on the success of “Mad Max: Fury Road.”  Since I also try to be a spoiler-free as possible, I will once again limit my review to what can be gleamed from trailers and those plot-lines that have already been released.

Who knew Lizards were so tasty?

Who knew Lizards were so tasty?

The story seems to take place after the first “Mad Max” film and sometime before “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.”  Max still has the "last of the V8 interceptors,” and [20+ year spoiler] that vehicle was destroyed in the second movie.  So this movie isn’t a prequel as much as a “re-booting sequel,” bridging the gap between the first two films.  Max’s voice-over work in the trailer is indicative of the internal struggle he’s having after the events in the first movie and his external struggle to survive.  In a way, this is one of the weaknesses of the film.  The degradation of the social landscape is so intense that is seems like the world’s been like this for a long, long time.  Still, this is a “speed bump” in the film’s storytelling and only raises an eyebrow when trying to incorporate it in the series.  The rewards of a long established apocalyptic landscape make for a wonderfully detailed and imaginative environment with a host of exciting yet disturbing characters.  

You don’t need to watch the previous movies to enjoy this one.  If you’re new to the series Max’s internal struggles may be a bit confusing (they kinda are even if you’ve seen the previous movie), but they don’t take away from the narrative of the story.  If anything they seem justified in this chaotic landscape.  This movie stands on its own very well.  If you enjoy this movie you’ll simply want to watch “Mad Max” to get Max’s backstory.  If you like action movies set in a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with crazy characters, you’ll love this flick. 

In this world it’s all about survival.  Your basic needs have been broken down into an easy three: water, fuel, and ammo.  Those that have these three have control and power among the populace.  Just like in the previous films, Max gets caught up in the chaos around him.  In “The Road Warrior” it was through necessity.  In “Beyond Thunderdome” it was from theft.  In “Fury Road” the stakes are higher and much more dire.  Right out the gate we are thrust into a perilous world with our protagonist and left to wonder just how long our hero will be in this movie.

Not Bane

Not Bane

The trailer sets up the story pretty well.  You got the main bad-dude, Immortan Joe (played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, same guy who played main villain Toecutter in “Mad Max,” how cool is that!?!), a pretty sickly dude with a bad-ass mask (don’t worry, no whiney Bane-voice).  We can see in the trailer that he controls the water in the area, thereby controlling the populace.  Imperator Furiosa, played by a robo-armed Charlize Theron, has stolen something from him, something that based on the images of the five babes in white and the removal of a chastity belt we can determine as being pretty important to big ol’ pasty Joe. 

There’s a bit more backstory provided, showing us the social structure of Immortan Joe’s domain and establishing his place in the Australian wasteland.  All this just serves to show us why, just like in the trailer, the rest of the movie is one long, violent chase scene.  

It’s a really fun movie, the “R” rating earned not so much from gore or language as much as just the sheer intensity and duration of the violence.  As gross as some of it is, there are no scenes of intense gore, no “if you’re gonna to spew, spew into this” moments.  I really appreciated that Miller used as much practical effects as possible, but man that had to have been dangerous.  And let’s face it, any chase movie that incorporates a giant PA system vehicle fronted by a dude with a flaming guitar so that the main villain can have his own chase music is gonna be pretty fun. 

This is meant to be a fun summer popcorn movie with a hint of social commentary.  Treat it as such, for there are a few flaws.  Like I said earlier, the timeline feels a bit skewed.  Not only is it hard to determine where in the timeline Max exactly is, but at times he feels like an inexperienced noob in this world and at others a wily badass.  Maybe that’s supposed to be linked to his conflict with his inner demons; hmm, that warrants a second viewing.

The inner-dialogue-haunting stuff (also shown in the trailer, again, no spoilers) doesn’t feel like it’s resolved very well.  If this movie is indeed meant to link “Mad Max” and “The Road Warrior” together, then we expect that by the end of “Fury Road” Max will get his shit together.  In a way the conflict was resolved, but it felt rather anti-climactic; the build-up was a bit more than the payoff.  Still, at least it was there.

The pacing was O.K.  You can tell Miller took a lot of time with all the action scenes; they flowed very well, but by 10 minutes to go I was starting to get the ol’ porcupine ass.  Story resolution felt a little bit rushed, and there where definitely one or two “C’mon” or “No way” moments, but again, this is a fun summer popcorn movie. Miller’s not making “Midnight Cowboy” here. 

The effects were top notch and the cinematography was beautiful.  You felt like you were there. If you aren’t thirsty by the end of this movie and peeling out of the parking lot on your way home then you were on your phone the whole time and not paying attention to this movie.

See the movie in 3D if you can.  This movie is action, action, action, and the 3D does a good job of enhancing that.  Warner Bros. has a bad track record with 3D, but they keep getting better at it and this is probably their best so far.  There are a few cheese 3D moments, but they are in “appropriate” places.

I hope you have fun!  Sorry I couldn’t tell you more, but really you have all you need to go on, just sit back and enjoy!

** As you will forever hear me say, please, please watch the movie at an independent/local movie chain if you can, and be sure to buy SOMETHING from the concessions.  I know concessions are expensive, but the building doesn’t make much money off the tickets.  If you like the theatre you go to, support them by buying at least a small popcorn, that alone will be a huge help.  Sneak the rest of your stuff in ;).**

Spider-Man To Officially Enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

By Kevin J. Kessler

Well folks, it's officially official! Everyone's favorite web head will be gracing the silver screen once more, but this time, he won't be alone! Yes, the deal has finally been struck, and Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, will return to movies as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

According to a news article listen on, listed at

"Under a new deal, a new Spider-Man will first appear in a currently-unspecified Marvel film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, in a film that will be co-produced by Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel and Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise launch for the studio 13 years ago. Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger. Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films."

I can't even begin to emphasize what a "get" this is for the MCU. As recently reported by my friend and co-host Spider-Denny on a recent episode of WDPN's BatSquad Radio, Spider-Man is the highest grossing super hero in the world today, surpassing his closest rival, Batman, by Spider Strength sized leaps and bounds! 

Now, the MCU, already a titan in the film industry, has this powerhouse hero on its side, in a move that I don't think DC will ever be able to match. In terms of fan impact, I'd dare say this announcement resounds more loudly even than the announcement of Batman vs. Superman. The difference? Fans knew we'd eventually see Batman and Superman together on the big screen. But I know, personally, I never EVER thought we'd see Spidey cross the studio line. 

And the deal holds amazing rewards for EVERYONE. Marvel gets a major pad onto the Avengers, adding into this team the single most popular hero in the world, making an appearance I'd liken to a cinematic miracle. Sony will now clean up, producing Spider-Man stand alone films set in the MCU. When even unknown properties like Guardians of the Galaxy are pulling 700k at the worldwide box office due to its MCU association, what will freaking SPIDER-MAN bring in!? It's an amazing move on both ends, and kudos to both parties for allowing their egos to take a back seat to good business!

I say bravo to both SONY and Disney, and wish them well on this new partnership and endeavor. As a fan, I cannot wait! 

Expect discussion on this exciting topic this week on Geek WatchTower (www.whitedragonpodcastnetwork/com/geekwatchtower) and BatSquad Radio ( 

What are your thoughts on this? How can DC counter? Respond below and let me know!



Why Did You Like This Fantastic Four Trailer???

By Kevin J. Kessler

The teaser trailer for Fox's "bold" re-imagining of Marvel's first family of super heroes, the Fantastic Four, has been met with nothing but contempt and anger from fans since the first details of its story were revealed to the public. 

I mean, come on, Johnny and Sue Storm are two different colors? Reed Richards looks like he's 12, and Dr. Doom is a BLOGGER? Seemingly all forward motion on this project turned everyone into this guy...



So when Fox released the first teaser trailer for this film, I watched with no expectations whatsoever, and was met with a completely underwhelming science fiction teaser that looked nothing like the Fantastic Four. Exactly what I expected. While the Fantastic Four, in any incarnation, has never particularly entertained me, one thing I can never get enough of is Nerd Rage. So, I flew to my lap top eager to see the outcry, and what I found was...the exact opposite!

Facebook was flooded with scores of folks writing encouraging posts regarding this potential turd. I saw a slew of "Wow, this might not be so bad," and "I can't wait!" I'm sorry but ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

First off, Reed Richards is played by the douchey kid from Divergent (which I also hated) who has a baby face. Dude looks like he's 13. And he's playing the patriarch of Marvel's First Family??? Now, I'm no Reed Richards lover. In fact, he's probably my least favorite character in all of comics. But even a fantastic hater such as myself believed this to be rather poor casting.

My next point is, WAS THE THING NAKED!? 

Are we going to see The Thing's thing!?

Are we going to see The Thing's thing!?

I mean look at that! It's his rocky rear end! Did Fox just really want to answer the age old question first posed in Mallrats? Does The Thing have an orange dork? And those costumes look terrible. Maybe Ben Grimm agrees with me, and that's why he's choosing to strut about all natural. 

So tell me, internet, what was it you liked? In all of the comments I saw, there were no specifics. Just generalizations. Am I getting punked here? Did I miss something? Or am I just creating my own Nerd Rage in the absence of the rage of strangers, which so delights me?

Gah, I digress. This is what I'm doing instead of watching the Super Bowl.